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Marina Info - Marina and Slipway in Davao

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A first in Davao - full service MARINA!

Holiday Oceanview Samal

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A “marina” is a partially enclosed body of water that has docks, moorings and facilities for boats. When you go around Davao or Samal and ask where the marina is, majority will give you either a blank stare or direct you to The Philippines' Maritime Industry Authority (abbreviated as MARINA). Or, they will direct you to an area on land where boats are stored (dry-docked). I can see where the confusion comes from. There are no proper marinas in the Gulf of Davao.

Currently, HOLIDAY OCEANVIEW MARINA is the first and only marina located in the northernmost tip of Samal Island (7°11.94N, 125°42.74E), the Philippines premier location for sailing and cruising.

Holiday Oceanview floating docks are composed of individual concrete float modules inter-connected by a network of first grade U.S. and Canadian Coastal Douglas Fir Lumber. The concrete floating docks are strong, rugged, durable, and proven system of Modular flexibility. It also features stability and together with it's non-skid surfaces provides a safe path for commuters.

Note: Click pictures to view a larger image and description.


A) Berthing

The facility offers 2 docks (A and B) with a combined total of 56 berths, Each berth can fit yachts up to 50 feet LOA. The end of Docks A and B can fit longer yachts up to 100 ft LOA.

Note: Click pictures to view a larger image and description.

B) Boatyard

There is one slipway for hauling and launching vessels. Vessels are hauled out using a trailer system.

C) Utilities

Electricity 52 units Power Centres equipped with Hubbell Dual 30 Amp 125 Volts Twistlock Receptacles
5 units Power Centres equipped with Hubbell Dual 50 Amp 125/250 Volts Twistlock Receptacles
Water Taps available in every berth, free supply of water
Lighting Marina pontoons and walkways are well lit
Boat Ramp One ramp available
Security 24/7 security guard on duty, access to marina restricted
Fuel Fuel service is available
Clubhouse and Office Available for get togethers. The building is complete with toilets, showers and laundry area.
Service vehicle A service vehicle runs 3 times a day and is provided free of charge for cruisers to/from the marina to/from the ferry terminal. There are public transports to Mainland Davao from the Ferry Terminal

Note: Click pictures to view a larger image and description.


Visiting boats are very welcome. We ask you to book a berth in advance. Call us on VHF channel 68 or by email at or or by mobile phone no. +63 (929) 510-5160

A) Wet-Berth Rates in in Philippine Peso

Overall Length   Per Month Per Day
Less Than 20ft Flat rate  8,000  700
20 to less than 40ft Flat rate  12,000  1,000
40ft and over per foot  300  20
  • • All berths have access to fresh water and individual power points
  • • No charge to water; power is at price posted
  • • Fuel can be arranged, at prices posted
  • • Laundry, shower and toilet facilities are conveniently located in the clubhouse building. Open 24 hours throughout the year to berth holders, accessible with key
  • • The marina is protected by security 24/7

Boatyard/Dry-Berth Rates – in Philippine Peso

Haul in and out (less than 20ft) Flat rate per vessel  500 per ft
Haul in and out (more than 20ft) Flat rate per vessel  10,000
Cradle/Hardstand/Storage per month LOA  250 per ft
  • • Slipway for haul-out and launching (may have to coincide with high tide)
  • • Individual heavy duty cradle with adjustable arms (for monohulls)
  • • Water is available
  • • Power at price posted
  • • Fuel at prices posted
  • • Miscellaneous marine services available
  • • Tradesmen and labor from Php100 to 400 / hr.
  • • To make a boatyard booking, email or with boat details – LOA, draft, beam, weight and type of keel.


A) Sea Approach

Entering the Gulf of Davao, vessels can approach on either east or west side of Samal Island.

The channel between Davao mainland and the westside of Samal island is busy with boat and ferry traffic. The narrowest area (just over half a nautical mile wide) has a strong tidal current, mostly south-setting. Sailing closer to the Samal side, the westside is lined with resorts and white sanded beaches.

Latitude: 7°11.94 N
Longitude: 125°42.74 E
Radio Channel: Channel 68
(Email or contact Marina prior to arrival is preferred)
Davao Tide Table link:

Note: Click pictures to view a larger image and description.

B) Marina Approach

The marina is surrounded by a stone wall (breakwater). Stay well clear of the breakwater until ready to approach. The 20 meter-wide entrance is on the NW corner, marked with red and green flags. Approach from the north and turn port into the marina. Caution: Breakwater walls are lined with rocks on the seabed. Allow clearance. The entrance has a metal gate to prevent swells and debris from entering the marina. It is left opened when there is a vessel expected to arrive or depart. Otherwise, it remains closed. It can easily be opened when a vessel is sighted approaching.

C) CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) Clearance

Check in or out service is provided by the Holiday Oceanview Marina. A vehicle and staff will drive/assist you to the different offices for checking in or out. This is to expedite dealing with the CIQ officials. Alternate route for self check-in is to anchor on entry, at the quarantine area near Sta. Ana wharf, for CIQ boarding.

In the boating world, nothing stands still. Holiday Oceanview, with the support from SailSamal and together with your opinions and suggestions will be – developing ideas, testing concepts, consulting on specific projects or problems favorable to the sailing community. With this open attitude, it would clear the path for SailSamal to develop the interest and to provide information about sailing and cruising in this region.

Slipway and Boatyard

The first and only slipway in the Davao gulf is situated right beside the Davao-Samal ferry terminal at 7°07.25N, 125°40.36E.

2 carts when joined together measure approximately 18 feet wide and 60 feet long. They sit on the tracks and are pulled out by a winching system capable of up to 250 tons.

Flat bottomed vessels, catamarans and trimarans can avail of these carts and get hauled out of the water for maintenance work. For single-keeled sailboats, a trailer is available and will use the cemented slipway beside the tracks for haul-outs. Secured in your own cradle, the sailboat may be transported to an area for storage or maintenance work.

There is security personnel in the site 24/7. Should you choose to live onboard your own yacht while in the boatyard, the bus terminal is just right behind the boatyard for easy access around the island. The Samal-Davao ferry is a stone throw away for trips to Davao mainland, and lastly, Camp Holiday campgrounds is just right across for happy hour, meals and relaxation.

Please follow this link to view more images of the boatyard in Samal.

As this is the only slipway in the Gulf, early bookings are necessary and may have to be in a waiting list. The ferries will take priority and currently, the boatyard is still under construction. Check in regularly and I will post any updated news on the boatyard here.

Note: Click pictures to view a larger image and description.

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